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Due to influential factors such as age and deterioration it becomes necessary from time to time to maintain and upgrade electrical equipment. Manchester Electric offer free quotes and free friendly advice on most aspects of electrical equipment and related systems, providing information to help you save money and get the best products and services that meet your requirements.

Always use an approved electrician
Whilst some elecetrical repairs can be relatively straight forward and simple enough to be undertaken by somone with basic DIY skills, most electrical jobs around the home or business require a qualified electrician. Building regulations now require most types of electrical work around the home to be undertaken by a Part P registered electrician, this ensures the work is installed, tested and certified in accordance with the electrical wiring regulations. The risks of using any individuals that are not registered are significant and often cost more to correct in the longer term.

Exposed live cables
If you discover or suspect that live parts have become exposed please follow the instructions below.
- Keep a safe distance and do not touch or attempt to move the parts.
- Isolate the area, preventing other persons and animals coming into contact with live parts, supervise the area if necessary.
- Switch off the equipment by any safe means possible.
- Provide any form of temporary barrier.
- Notify the relevant person(s) responsible (i.e. manager or supervisor).
- Place a sign displaying 'Keep off Danger Live Parts Exposed '
- Without delay arrange for an electrician to attend the equipment concerned.

Power cuts
Mains failure is inconvenient and disruptive, it can also impose significant safety risks.
- Use battery torches, do not use candles or other naked flames for lighting.
- Switch off any equipment that was in use prior to the mains failure.
- Speak with people from neighbouring properties to identify if the mains failure is due to a supply fault.
- Arrange for an electrician to attend if you believe mains failure is not due to a supply fault.

Fire alarm faults
If your fire alarm panel is indicating a fault you may wish to silence any audible indicators and then attempt to determine the cause of the fault. No system should be left with unresolved faults present.

In Case of Fire
1) Inspect the fire alarm control panel to determine the reason/location for alarm activation.
2) If possible, with caution go to the trigger point(s) to further determine the cause of the activation. In case of false alarm attempt to reset panel.
3) In the event of fire contact emergency service on 999.
4) Follow your fire alarm evacuation procedure.

Call Manchester Electric for any further assistance.

Security system faults
Security alarms, CCTV and building management systems form an essential part in the running of most modern buildings. Faults and breakdowns of these systems are often disruptive and cause significant inconvenience to the users and the public.
Faults are usually caused by deterioration or damage, due to the nature of these systems user error is also a common cause.
Some issues can resolved over the telephone, whereas sometimes it is necessary for an engineer attend. Please call for all technical assistance.

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